The StepUp Scholarship (SUS) program serves the community by providing need-based financial aid for adult individuals who are referred by professionals that are endorsing participation based on an extraordinary potential for success. Preference in this program is extended to individuals who have demonstrated an aptitude for leadership and have progressed through their choice of vocation.


The Application can be found here:

The application process includes submitting an application with professional endorsements, a resume, and a 500-1000 word essay. Applicants must complete and submit requirements 30 days prior to the beginning of the course they wish to attend.


Applicants may be subject to competitive selection if the eligible applicant pool for the specific program is greater than the scholarships available in the course.

Resume Guidelines

Please provide a 1-2 page summary of education, employment and community involvement, WITHOUT a personal photograph. No photographs will be accepted. Scholarship awards are based on merit.

Essay Overview

SUS applicants are required to write an essay. The purpose of the essay is to explore the potential for success by explaining what makes you unique. Over the course of the training we will work together to understand what you are good at, what makes you feel inspired and happy, and what gaps you have in the Life Skills that will guide your success after learned.

Your essay should include what you’ve learned about yourself that you will rely on in the future. What’s next for you? What ways will you use the training to change your current lifestyle? What ways will you give back to the community?

Reviewers of the applications will be instructed to consider how comprehensively you address the topic and how likely they feel you are to succeed.