Adulting 101 Seminar

A day of preparing High School Seniors, Young Adults and Young Professionals for the future with adulting skills that build confidence and make life easier.

We conduct training for 8 crucial and unique skill sets

Getting Organized 

Skills for success to : reduce stress, declutter, save time, find things easily, develop quick-easy routines, simplify life, and free up time.

Financial Stability

Efficient skills to monitor, predict and plan your finances so you can make informed decisions about your money and planning for your future.

Personal Development

Better understand your unique qualities and abilities, the places that give you the most satisfaction, and what truly makes you happy.

Wise Consumer

Protect your identity, your finances and the planet.

Health & Wellness

Best choices for best health now and for aging strong

Kitchen Savvy

Quick and easy kitchen skills that increase your confidence in the kitchen


Rest & Relaxation

Focusing on what’s most important – YOU

Household Maintenance

Prevent problems and make minor repairs to maintain your home and save you money


Make life easier