Why do I need Life Skill Training?

LegUp Life Skills takes a workshop approach to learning during adulthood. As adults, we hope to develop the skills necessary for efficiency and success with common needs and challenges we encounter. Our trainers focus on individual development by examining assumptions, cognitive biases, definitions and methods of your personal habits. Using professional ideology and expertise, combined with research and technology, together we create a unique plan that provides a leg up to help you implement successful adult routines. We use your primary perspective to assess your personal processes, adult development, motivation, effectiveness and efficiency. We provide the training to give you more choices. You decide how LegUp Life Skills will make your life easier.

What happens after I register for a course.

When you arrive at the first class, you will be provided with an organizational binder and support materials for each class. If you would like to meet with a trainer before the class begins, we can arrange that. (To prepare for meeting with a trainer, we ask you to make a list of your questions, ideas and information about yourself. Ask your family/friends if there are things they would like you to share. During the meeting, we will discuss your notes and ask you to take detailed notes in a journal. Together we can find areas of improvement and the steps that you could take to improve your life skills.)

What do I need to bring with me to the training?

You will be asked to bring the following:
* A backpack or tote to keep materials in and bring to each class
* A camera, smart phone or tablet to take pictures with
* A bottle of water
* A journal/notebook

I’m different than other people; will this training work for me?

No one knows more about you than you do. You are the one thing that will last your whole life. We will work together to design strategies to help you make life easier. If you become concerned about your progress, contact your trainer and share your concerns.

What happens when the training is over?

When your course is over, you will receive the following:
* A list of your strengths and examples of your work to support it
* A list of suggested goals for future development and examples
* The results of any assessments that were administered
* A list of services and/or modifications recommended by your trainer

What if I really need life skill training but can’t afford it?

StepUp Scholarships are available- Upon receiving a completed application and required support documents, we will award scholarships based on availability and qualified recipients. LegUp Life Skills seeks to give away at least 10% of the profits each year in the form of scholarships and tools for success.

LegUp Life Skills has bamboo as its symbol-Why?

Bamboo and you have many things in common: evergreen, sustainable, strong, resilient, has rapid growth (In good conditions, a bamboo plant can grow up to 2 inches per day!). Bamboo has a strong woody fiber exterior(strength-Bamboo has a higher specific compressive strength than hardwood, brick, concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel), and a soft, usually hallow center (flexible, flow between segments), it has columnar (builds on itself) stems with stalked blades. Bamboo is economically and culturally significant where they live (as can you be) and flower only after years of growth (good things come with time).

We provide the training so you can make life easier