Welcome! You are on your way towards creating your comfortable adult life. Your journey will help you discover your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses through guided skill training. Each class will include an introduction to the skills, practical resources, opportunities to learn and FUN!

YOU determine your path for the life experience you are trying to create and we provide the training.  To help you record your progress, we will ask you to take a few minutes in our confirmation email to consider the eight basic life skill sets and respond.  More information for each skill set can be found at Life Skills

Positive goals you may want to reach:
Comfort when in my home  *Ability to be spontaneous  *Friends dropping by  *Better health  *Great credit score  *Confidence in my future  *Living within my means  *Proud of my independence *Confidence to solve my own problems  *Using money efficiently  *Handling difficult situations *Less stress *More time for me. Others?

You did it! That’s the hard part—investing time to think about your current challenges and your future goals. At LegUp Life Skills we will provide you with knowledge, recommend skills, and promise to stimulate your motivation with the support you need to help you make life easier.

Let the adventure begin!

Here’s an assessment tool to see where you need a LegUp. After you’re done, click submit and we’ll contact you shortly.